Information about the Finnish cattle health care system, management of bovine infectious diseases and cattle welfare


Information about the Finnish swine herd health care system, management of porcine infectious diseases and pig welfare


Information about the Finnish poultry health care system, management of avian infectious diseases and poultry welfare


Information about the feed hygiene management on voluntary basis (Positive List)

Animal Health ETT

Animal Health ETT was founded in 1994 with most of the Finnish dairies, slaughterhouses and egg packaging companies as members. The activities of the association are funded by subscriptions and initiation fees.

ETT gives risk management instructions to farmers and stakeholders about biosecurity, animal health care and import of production animals, semen, embryos and animal feed etc.

The purpose of the association is to maintain and promote the health of production animals and at the same time ensure the safety of foodstuffs derived from domestic animals.


Duties of the association include promoting the health and welfare of food-producing animals by

  • Coordinating national animal health care for cattle, pigs and poultry
    • Sikava: Health classification register for swine herds
    • Naseva: National health care register for cattle farms
  • Steering import of production animals as well as their embryos, semen and feeds so as to control the risk of disease.
  • Sharing information on preventive measures related to animal diseases.
  • Consultation related to eradication of infectious diseases
  • Developing insurance schemes against animal diseases
  • Maintaining and developing activities related to the positive list of animal feed companies. The positive list is an open list of animal feed companies, which fulfill
    additional criteria to ensure the safety of their products.
  • National and international collaboration with companies in the sector

In this homepage some information in English is provided to the national animal health care data collected by the association.

Certified quality

Quality information of Finnish milk and meat production


Topical information and guidance on salmonella