Coronavirus COVID-19 – situation and herd health

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Finnish Food Authority has updated their statement concerning veterinary services (Finnish version). This statement is valid until 13.5.2020.

Animal Health ETT’s statement concerning herd health is still valid. Herd health visits must be done according to ETT’s statement. The producer and the veterinarian should plan the herd health visit in a way that minimizes human contact. Communication can be done for example via telephone. With the producer’s permission the veterinarian can visit the farm and evaluate the health and welfare of the animals alone.

  • Conditions concerning handing over and use of drugs are not changed except for handing over vaccines for production animals according to the vaccination program. Vaccines can be handed over without visits required by law (horses not included).
  • In case of suspected serious animal diseases visits and laboratory tests can be done according to plan. Also export inspections for exported animals can be done.
  • If salmonella infection is suspected in a farm, the visits related to sampling can be done by the veterinary officers. Also visits concerning canceling the salmonella status can be done.
  • Official visits regarding the monitoring program of salmonella infections in poultry farms are not to be done. However, the sampling done by the farms must be done.

ETT’s statement regarding herd health visits.

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