ETT is promoting health and welfare of food-producing animals by coordinating national animal health care and steering import of production animals as well as their embryos, semen and feeds so as to control the risk of diseases.

Cattle health care

NASEVA is a special unit of ETT for the administration of the Cattle Health Care Register

Naseva – Introduction in English

Cattle herds in Naseva health care register 2019

Disease Risk Management when breeding Heifers at a Heifer Hotel, XXVII World Buiatrics Congress 2010

Management of infectious cattle diseases

Overview of Control Programs for Non-eu-regulated Cattle Diseases in Finland (2021)

  • COST Action CA17110, SOUND project (Standardizing OUtput-based surveillance to control Non-regulated Diseases of cattle in the EU)

Salmonella situation in the Finnish Cattle Herds 2019 (updated 19.09.2019)

Practical Control of Salmonella in Finnish Production Animals – National and Farm level, presentation 10.10.2016

Infectious hoof diseases in Finland (2015)

Cattle welfare

Animal Welfare Assessment on Health Care Visits at Cattle Farms 2011