National information on the welfare of poultry

ETT’s Food Chain projects have developed national data collection and reporting on data describing the welfare of broilers, broiler breeders and turkeys. The data generated by the monitoring of the farm and slaughterhouse level on the information systems of the three largest broiler slaughterhouses are compiled by ETT into national statistics.

The parameters to be monitored are e.g. for broilers:

  • Mortality: FWM (first week mortality), TM (total mortality) and DOA (dead on arrival)
  • Rejects: whole carcass, cellulite and ascites
  • Use of whole grain in the feeding
  • Footpad condition in slaughtered flocks

The condition of the footpads of all slaughtered flocks of broilers is monitored in slaughterhouses by inspection veterinarians. National data from these examinations is regularly published on the ETT website. Other national information on the welfare of broilers is used by the meat companies participating in the data collection to support the development of activities and, for example, export of meat. Data collection covers more than 99% of Finnish broiler production.