Positive list

Animal Health ETT keeps a so called Positive list of companies of the animal feed industry. The list covers those production animal feed producers and importing companies, which have by voluntary measures shown their ability to control salmonella risk of their products. Own import by farmers, retail companies or the mineral (mineral feed without organic origin) and the vitamin sector are not listed in the positive list, but are recommended to follow advice given by ETT.

Companies that are on the Positive list analyze every bath of imported compound feed or feed material for Salmonella. Such control measures were previously statutory in Finland, but are now randomized due to EU legislation.

The rules of the Positive list of ETT (Valid as of 26 January 2023, currently being translated)

Positive list of ETT is an open list of feed operators, who fulfill additional criteria to ensure the safety of their products. Please, ask for the current update of the Positive list: hannele.nauholz(at)ett.fi.

Positive list (current situation in Finnish and Swedish)