Quality in Finnish milk and beef production

Approximately 95 per cent of the milk and beef produced in Finland comes from farms belonging to the Centralized Health Care Register for Finnish cattle herds, Naseva. The system has international ISO certification. The certificate indicates that proactive and planned work is being carried out on dairy and meat production farms to promote animal health and welfare as well as food safety.

The veterinarian makes an annual health care visit and action plan

Naseva register is based on the regular monitoring of animal health and welfare and constant developing on the farm. Part of this work is the annual veterinary health care visit. The veterinarian evaluates the animal welfare aspects such as feeding, conditions, health and behavior. The veterinarian and the farmer together draw up a plan for measures to improve animal health and welfare. The annual veterinary visit is the minimum requirement for farms set by Naseva. However, the veterinarian visits the farms more often if necessary, when the animals may need treatment. All health care-related data, such as medications and results of different samples, are stored in Naseva.

The ISO 9001 certificate has been issued to the Animal Health ETT on the basis of an assessment carried out by Kiwa Inspecta.

Kristiina Sarjokari, Chair of Naseva’s Executive Group: “Over the years, a lot of animal welfare measures have been done on cattle farms belonging to Naseva. In Finland, very little antibiotics are needed in milk and beef production and the appearance of infectious diseases is also low. It’s great that the Naseva register is now certified as well.”